Are You Thinking of Switching to a VoIP Phone System?

Business man stretching while using headset to speak on phone, in office setting.

In terms of taking care of communications in the office and with customer service, a standard phone system simply won’t cut it. Most small to medium businesses (SMBs) will require a modern VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system that features automated responses and digitized message recording. If you are considering an upgrade in phone systems and service providers, take a look at the advantages, disadvantages, and the prime time to switch to a VoIP phone system.


The major benefit of using VoIP, also known as IP telephony, is that your company can manage group voice communications and multimedia using the Internet. It is a revolutionary way to communicate that has become the standard of service for all enterprise corporations. In order to compete and scale up communications, your team needs to utilize the third-party services of a VoIP phone system.


The biggest reason why companies delay with switching to VoIP phone systems is that they are not aware of the advantages the service affords. Simply put, this is a new and modern way to manage telephone communications, and for smaller companies, there is the fear of how to manage everything. This is why companies tend to move over to a provider of business solutions so that this can be managed out of house.

When to Consider Switching to VoIP

If your team is on the fence about whether it is time to invest in a VoIP phone system, here are some guidelines:

  • Your company cannot manage the influx of calls professionally.
  • You have experienced unexpected peaks in demand for communications, such as around the holidays.
  • Your business does not have a communication or messaging system.

For an SMB, the concern can also be cost. This is where it pays to request a quote on services and information about voice solutions from a third-party provider like Hilyard’s.

Choose the Right VoIP Phone System Today

Let Hilyard’s Inc. Business Solutions solve your communication crisis now. We have the tools and software in place for the perfect VoIP phone system that your company needs. Contact our agents by calling 800-247-2201 or send our team a message online and we will assist you as soon as possible.