Disaster Recovery: A Case for Preparing Your Network for Catastrophe

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When you think about your businesses IT network services, do you also think about backup and disaster recovery?

Sadly, many businesses do not. And, although the chances of your business being decimated by a tsunami may be slim, you must still protect yourself from data loss, which is a very real threat to small- and medium-sized businesses.

Defining Disaster

Disaster is a loaded word. But what does it mean in this instance? Call it a tragedy or catastrophe if you will, but a “disaster” is anything that disrupts regular businesses operations. That could be a blizzard, tornado, hurricane, flood, or fire, but it can also be an IT failure. Loss of power, server room mishap or even a virus or malware can destroy data just as swiftly as mother nature.

The Need or A Plan

While natural disasters may not be an imminent threat to your security, cybercriminals and hackers are. A look at the recent election season proves just how security breaches are. And, if you are not prepared, they can destroy your business.

In fact, according to the The Institute for Business and Home Safety, up to 25% of businesses that experience a disaster don’t reopen at all. If this doesn’t compel you to formulate a disaster recovery plan as part of your IT network services, nothing will.

Backed Up and Secure

A comprehensive backup and recovery plan has several components, including backup, replication, secure storage, and monitoring. While backup involves making a copy of data, replication makes an exact copy of the existing technical environment, such as a server or application. A combination of these is the best way to ensure the integrity of your IT network and related IT services. Using a blend of backup and replication check off several boxes, including compliance and recovery as well as rapid restoration post-event.

To ensure that you are back up and running as fast as possible in the event of a disaster, all of your information gets replicated, encrypted and transmitted securely with minimal impact your network bandwidth. If you are ready to protect your IT network with backup and disaster recovery services, contact us today for a free technology assessment!