Document Management: The Prescription for Streamlined Medical Records

Document Management

Document management is one of the most popular business solutions available today. Companies from various industries have discovered just how beneficial these services are. Healthcare—one of the nation’s largest and continuously growing industries—can improve document workflow and records management with DM.

Better Records

If you are a healthcare provider, your top priority is serving your patients. And one of the most effective ways to reduce stress for your members is through improved record-keeping measures. Document management lets you quickly access patient records. Rather than wasting time searching for paper files, you can enter a name or other search term and instantly access the information you need. You can also set access controls and permissions to protect secure data. This eases the stress for patients who have extensive medical files that must be shared with different doctors and specialists—a central database means that info is available as needed.

Streamlined Admissions Process

Not only will document management improve record keepings, but it will also help staff with other various administration functions such as admissions and billing. When patients arrive at your office, you can easily check them in and scan and store necessary data, such as drivers’ licenses, insurance cards, and even outside lab results. Once this information is scanned and stored, it can be easily accessed later, speeding up the check-in process.

Simplified Billing

In addition to admissions, the billing process can often get convoluted. Document management provides access to payments, claims, benefits information, and any other financial data that has been scanned and stored. Now, if a patient has questions on a previous bill, you can quickly locate payment information for a specific visit without digging through their file looking for a photocopy of a check. Digital documents simplify the entire payment process, making it simpler and easier for staff and the patients.

If you work in a medical practice or the healthcare industry, contact Hilyard’s for information on how to streamline record keeping, admissions, billing, and more!


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