Does Managed Print Services Really Save Money?

Person placing coin in pink piggy bank.

You've probably heard about how managed print services can streamline workflows or improve security. That's all true--but for many businesses, that's just the icing on the cake. Instead, these companies have come to rely on what they consider the main benefit of managed print: saving money.

How Managed Print Services Protects Your Budget

It's always good news when you find a solution capable of saving money without cutting corners--and that's exactly what you can expect from managed print services.

Sound too good to be true? Here are four concrete ways managed print works to protect your budget:

  • #1: Regular print audits

Although print audits might sound like a huge source of stress, they're actually a good thing. That's because your managed print services provider uses these audits to get key data about your print environment--like which habits could be impacting your bottom line. This helps you choose solutions that actually work--and, better yet, future print audits can help make it easy to track your progress.

  • #2: Supply improvements

Are you ordering too many supplies? Too few? Managed print can help you optimize your supply habits, giving you the insight necessary to order exactly what you need (and store it in ways that eliminate the risk of damage, like wet or wrinkled paper).

  • #3: Scheduled maintenance

Maintenance is a great way to show your printers a little love--and, of course, to protect your investments. With managed print services, you can schedule regular maintenance in ways that minimize downtime while maximizing the length of your printers' lifetimes.

  • #4: Consistent updates

Putting off updates is a good way to hurt your print budget. Why? Well, every skipped update is a chance for hackers to gain access to your data--which, of course, represents all kinds of lost money. Managed print services helps you avoid this fate by making sure your print software is always up-to-date.


There are more than four ways in which managed print services saves money--but listing every one of them would take all day! Instead, it's often better to see this solution for yourself--that way, you know exactly how it reduces costs and creates other benefits like streamlined workflows and increased security.

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