Fully Integrated IT Yields Overall Business Success

IT Network Services

Information technology is a double-edged sword—it affords us so many wonderful opportunities, yet carries with it a heavy burden. How you manage technology and electronic information can determine whether your business fails or succeeds.

The Right Mindset for Success

When it comes to your organization’s information technology, how upper management views and handles IT network services sets the tone for the rest of the employees. In fact, according to statistics from Symantec’s 2013 Global SMB IT Confidence Index,, 83 percent of top-tier companies believe that using IT strategically is important to business success. Conversely, only 44 percent of bottom-tier companies view it as strategically important. This stark contrast highlights why the top tier companies are as effective as they are—because they know that how you manage IT network services serves as a building block for the overall success of your organization.

The report also highlights the characteristics common amongst those who view IT as a strategic opportunity to drive business. They include: * Looking at the long-term value of IT products and services, not just the initial expense. * Identifying and mapping out information technology and network services as part of overall business goals. * Understanding and staying informed about IT trends and services, including cloud computing, mobile and remote access, and virtualization.

Integrated Business Functions

IT is no longer an adjunct business solution; it is a core business function that must be fully integrated into the fabric of your business. Because information is everywhere—and we are accessing it from anywhere—how you approach and managed your IT network is more important than ever. IT is no longer just for upper echelon companies; organizations of all sizes and industries must have a robust network security system.

At Hilyard’s, we are information technology experts. We have been helping our clients navigate the churning waters for technology since the first business-wide email systems became popular. We help you succeed by staying abreast of the latest technology advancements and recommending the specific options that meet your unique business needs. Want want to help you leverage technology to achieve your goals.

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