IT Network Services and the Law: Protect your Data 24/7

man working on a laptop

When it comes to the legal profession, many people picture this—a distinguished gentleman in a suit handing his secretary briefs to file. These days nothing could be further from the truth! Not only is the legal profession no longer male dominated, but it is also no longer paper dominated.

Paper or Digital

While lawyers will never completely get rid of the need for paper and paper files, more and more are turning to digital document storage. The most common method these days seems to be a combination of off-site file storage and digital storage. And, just like your off-site file room, your digital storage must also be impenetrable. The only way for attorneys and lawyers to ensure that confidential legal information is protected is through comprehensive IT network services, including management and security.

Immense Data, Vast Security

While businesses of all industries have data retention requirements, the law profession takes that to the max. Depending on the state of practice, the data retention requirements for law firms is typically six to ten times that of other fields. That is a lot of data to save and secure.

With IT network services, sensitive data is secure, yet accessible. With large filing rooms, so much time is wasted searching for various records. Once data is digitized and stored electronically, it can be easily accessed by authorized parties from any secure device. Digital data storage options are plentiful, and there is an option for any size firm or budget.

Save and Efficient

When it comes to important legal files—paper or electronic—the two most important criteria are security and accessibility. Just as you would never leave your hardcopy files unattended, you never want to leave digital data vulnerable. With IT network services, you can take advantage of 24/7 remote monitoring and management. With your files secure and protected, you can focus on your clients, not their paperwork.

We know it is not easy switching to a contemporary system when you practice in a traditionally paper-based profession, but with some ingenuity and perseverance, you can modernize your law firm and provide better service to your client, while upholding the highest of standards.

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