IT Services: The Truth About Data Breaches

data breach

Data breaches are only becoming more common, which means that, unfortunately, many companies can get a little too comfortable hearing about them all the time. It's easy to forget how serious these problems can be--which is why we're here to present some alarming facts that will make you want to step up your security game.

Advice From IT Services

Anyone who's had any experience with IT services can tell you that there's no better place to go for expert advice on protecting your machines, your data, and your business as a whole. IT services can help your company find the safest and most efficient way to achieve just about anything, all without wasting time or money--and that extends to avoiding data breaches, too.

Here are some facts about data breaches that your IT services provider will use to help you stay safe:

  • Certain industries are at greater risk.

Because the healthcare, education, and legal industries are operating under tight regulations, they tend to see higher security costs and higher risks.

  • Breaches can come from anywhere.

Your data is at risk from multiple directions at once, including hackers, phishing scams, human error, and system glitches. Good security protocols need to defend you from all angles simultaneously.

  • The cost of data breaches is rising.

As threats become more sophisticated, the cost of failed security is getting higher and higher. Data breaches are steadily getting more expensive per lost record, which means security is more important than ever.

Although these facts are a little alarming, IT services can help you handle every problem that comes your way. By providing proactive advice and solving day-to-day problems before they become huge, IT services quickly become a shield for your data and your business.

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