Join the Mobile Communications Revolution with Star2Star

man using a cell phone and laptop

In today’s business environment, so much work is done from sophisticated mobile phones. Employees no longer have to be in the office to get the job done—all they need is an internet connection and a secure device.

While numerous factors are contributing to the growth of the mobile workforce—better work/life balance, reduced operating costs—there is also an increased need for effective voice solutions that support this modern workstyle.

This is why more and more companies are turning to cloud-based unified communications solutions, known as UC solutions. One of the leaders in UC is cloud-based phone services is the Star2Star Cloud Connection Manager.

Ultimate Communications Tool

The Star2Star Cloud Connection Manager is an innovative voice solution technology that integrates email, instant messaging, voice, and video into a straightforward interface. This user-friendly system enables employees to stay connected to business communications from nay secure, internet-connected device. This means that more work gets done in less time and managers can be confident that their employees have the tools they need to serve customers promptly.

Benefits of Cloud Communication

The Star2Star system includes the cloud connection manager—a reliable, internet-connected connection system that enables us to manage and monitor the quality of your phone system. Continuous, 24/7 monitoring guarantees consistent uptime so that you can benefit from all of this system’s great features, including:

  • Softphone Client: Installing the softphone client on a laptop or mobile device enables employees to access all business contacts and appear “in office” even if they are traveling or working offsite. Being connected enables them to work anywhere.
  • Find Me/Follow Me: This cool tech feature allows you to reach an associate by dialing just one number that accesses all of their communication devices. You no longer have to try a coworker’s office line, then a cell phone or another number to track them down. This feature allows all phone numbers to ring simultaneously or in successive order.
  • Unified Messaging: With so many different media forms out there—email, phone, text, fax, IM—staying on top of all of your communications can be tough. Unified messaging eliminates confusion by providing a central location from which employees can access all of their communications.

It is obvious that in today’s mobile workforce businesses need a safe, reliable communication tool to facilitate the exchange of information. The Star2Star system is the ultimate voice solution for on-the-go employees. Contact us to get started with voice solutions.