Kicking off an IT Services Partnership with an Assessment

IT services

When we begin a new IT network services partnership with a client, we always recommend an IT network assessment as an important first step. Not only does this provide an overview of your current network infrastructure, but it also offers an excellent starting point upon which we can build a comprehensive IT strategy.

Overview of an Assessment

An IT network assessment is a detailed analysis of your overall network infrastructure. This assessment provides a thorough report that illuminates the strengths and weaknesses of your network, highlighting areas of improvement.

Most businesses are aware that their network has some insufficiencies, but we often discover some hidden deficiencies that we can help upgrade. The most common areas of recommended upgrades are performance, security, and flexibility.

Security Safeguards

By gaining a comprehensive view of your entire network, we can ensure the security of your IT services and programs.

We will be able to uncover all of the devices on your network, including servers, firewalls, printers, phones, end-user devices, operating systems, and more. With this information in hand, we can locate configuration or design flaws that can compromise the security of your network.

Since so many cybersecurity events are the result of unpatched devices, systems, and software, we want to ensure we have the full picture of your network to correct issues such as patches or expired licenses — seemingly small things that can lead to big problems.

The Assessment Process

Now that you have a better idea of what the IT services assessment is and what it provides, here are some of the components that make up the process.

Some of the steps include:

  • Interviews with your IT and network security staff to gather info and discuss concerns
  • Analyze network performance and network devices
  • Review assessment reports and make recommendations
  • Create a plan for implementing changes and best practices

If you are ready to get started with an IT service, now is the time to take action. Contact us today to get started with an assessment.