Managed Print Services: Smart Ways To Protect Print Budgets

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Managed print services is all about helping you print smarter instead of more often. That's good news for your workflows, communication, and efficiency, but it's especially great for your budgets. Here's a closer look at printing the smart way!

Saving Money With Managed Print Services

Although managed print services is known for many things--including security, organization, and workflow improvements--one of its biggest benefits is strengthening your budget. Of course, providers don't just wave a magic wand to save you money. They help you implement smart, simple solutions that help you make better choices every time you use your printers.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Creating Print Rules

Print rules help you stay on track when it comes to saving money, and managed print services helps you create these guidelines. For example, if employees know that double-sided printing is the expectation for most print projects, they'll default to this decision when planning their work. You should also think about exceptions to these rules and how to communicate them clearly.

  • Tracking Print Habits

When users enter a password or PIN every time they print, it's easier to keep track of when and how they're printing. This gives you a good look at your print habits, but it also encourages you to print smarter so you don't end up embarrassed by your own printing numbers!

  • Optimizing Printer Settings

Printers come with plenty of settings that can help or hurt your budget. For example, if your printer doesn't default to black-and-white printing, your employees could be wasting pricey ink without even thinking about it. A managed print services provider helps you identify the best settings and optimize them for your unique needs.


Managed print services doesn't magically protect your print budget. Instead, this solution is about empowering you to make better, smarter decisions--and in this way, you're the one protecting your bottom line.

Looking to save money on printing? Contact us today to see how managed print services can help!