Preparing for the Switch to a VoIP Phone System


When it comes to upgrading to a VoIP phone system, you will get viable benefits. These benefits include easier maintenance, savings in cost, and enhanced scalability. In fact, these phone systems are much better than traditional phone systems. And when working with high-quality professionals, the installation process and maintenance will be a breeze. There are a few steps you'll want to follow when preparing to switch to a VoIP phone system. 

4 Steps for Switching to VoIP

1. Plan Accordingly

While you may think changing to this new system is daunting, it's usually much easier than what you may be used to. Changing traditional PBX systems is usually a hassle, i.e., when adding new users, switching locations, or making any other changes.

Doing this is also usually costly and time-consuming. This is usually not the case with VoIP phone systems. There is no expensive, additional hardware. You only need a reliable Internet connection. 

2. Prepare Your Equipment & Network 

Now, that you know that you only need a reliable Internet connection, upgrading to an advanced headset or phone will help you even more. You will get more features with these systems that will give your staff more freedom in doing their jobs.

So, prepare your equipment and support/hire staff. Also, make sure your network is compatible with this cloud phone arrangement. VoIPs require around .1 Mbps or around 100 kbps. So, check your network speed to make sure it can support this system. 

3. Working With a Top-Notch VoIP Provider

As mentioned before, when working with high-quality professionals, the installation process and maintenance will be a breeze. Hilyard's Business Solutions are proven leaders when it comes to these and other business fundamentals. This company has been providing these relatable, top-notch services and products for several decades. 

4. Train Employees

When you get your new phone system, you must also train your employees. Then, you can ensure your business operations will run smoothly. Also, you can utilize all the benefits of your new phone system for your business. 

For more information about VoIP phone systems, contact Hilyard's Business Solutions today. For over six decades, Hilyard's has been providing top-notch hardware and software. And with their voice solutions and their superb customer service, you will be in excellent hands with them. So, contact them now!