The Small Business Guidebook to Phone Systems


Today's world is fast-paced, and people are expected to be connected, no matter where you are. With employees working off-site or remotely, this can make it hard to uphold the standard of reliable connectivity and access that many businesses and clients are used to.

What can you do? Address your phone system, first of all. Yes, the desk phone may be on its way to a total phase-out, but the need for voice communication is not at all ending. That's where phone solutions like VoIP come into play. You can forward calls to cell phones or add internet connectivity to calling so your employees can be reached no matter where they need to work. It's a solution that can keep you in business.

Business Phone System Needs

Businesses need phone systems that are reliable, connected, and simple. That's it! But when office life and work styles are changing, that can be more complicated than it sounds.

Traditional phone systems still have some benefits, but there are also options for a hybrid system between conventional and VoIP. Let's dig into the VoIP solution a little more.

VoIP Phone Networks

VoIP phone networks are highly functional phone systems that offer benefits such as:

  • Video chat from any device

  • No physical phone or infrastructure

  • Ability to transcribe voicemails

  • Ability to receive voicemail as text

  • Scalability

  • Virtual receptionist opportunities

And more! This solution is meant for any office that needs an internet phone solution.

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