Statistics That Will Make You Want Managed Print

managed print services

No matter what industry you're discussing, the one great equalizer is "statistics." These facts can be terrifying or amazing--but either way, they can usually convince you to make some kind of change in your own company. The printing statistics you're about to read might be scary, but the good news is that they come with a solution: managed print services.

Frightening Truths

There are so many office solutions out there these days that it can be difficult to know which ones will actually help you. When it comes to managed print services, though, there are a few important facts that are convincing all on their own.

  • Most businesses don't know the real cost of printing. If you aren't sure exactly what's happening in your print environment or happen to be overlooking a few hidden costs, you're wasting money without even knowing it.
  • Inefficient practices waste time, money, energy, and manpower. Even functional processes can be inefficient, which means that your printing has the potential to either make or break your budget.
  • Any employee could be hurting your success. Plenty of studies have shown that, without specific printing processes in place, your employees could accidentally be working against you by making unnecessary or personal prints, struggling with printer problems, and making preventable but understandable mistakes.

Getting a little nervous now? Not to worry--managed print services can help you solve every problem that these statistics mentioned. By creating a streamlined, powerful environment where human error is minimized and waste is all but eliminated, managed print puts you back in charge of your print habits. You'll analyze your print environment, cut down on wasted time and consumables, make sure your employees are equipped with all the right expertise, and overcome all the fears that facts like these can cause.

If these statistics made you want managed print, we're here to help. Contact us today!