Today and Tomorrow: Managed Print Services for Schools

Managed print services for schools.

Some solutions are "today" solutions, and others are "tomorrow" solutions. Ideally, however, your school deserves something that addresses both sets of needs--and managed print services is just what you've been looking for. Here's what you need to know!

Why Choose Managed Print Services?

Educational institutions have tight budgets, which means schools like yours can't afford to take risks when choosing solutions. Instead, you need to stretch every dollar and find benefits that actually last.

That's where managed print services comes in.

By helping your school take control of printers, network connections, and documents, managed print helps you target significant sources of waste. It doesn't limit your printing capabilities--it just shows you how to print smarter instead of more frequently.

Better yet, managed print services isn't a solution your school will grow out of. In fact, its benefits stretch far into the future to help you overcome any challenges and uncertainties that might arise.

Benefits of Managed Print Services for Schools

Let's take a look at how managed print can benefit educational institutions both today and tomorrow!

  • Protecting budgets

Budget concerns probably aren't going anywhere. That's why managed print services helps schools come up with sustainable solutions that make long-term improvements to the budget--like using digital communication solutions instead of hitting "print" on every document.

  • Improving security

Your school is all about getting smarter--but outside your walls, digital criminals are brushing up on their own education. As they come up with new ways to attack your tech, you need to constantly evolve to protect yourself. With managed print services, it's easy to identify weak points in your security and implement specific solutions that don't interrupt educational operations.

  • Staying ahead of technology

Once you fall behind the tech curve, it's difficult to catch up again. Managed print services helps optimize your school's printer fleet, so you're always using the technology you need--and so you know how to budget for upgrades when necessary.

In conclusion, managed print services is a valuable solution for schools because it helps you stretch every single dollar. It also creates benefits that last far into the future, like improved security or strategic tech upgrades.

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