VoIP vs. Landline Phone Systems: What You Need to Know

Business man holding cell phone

Maybe you're in between phones right now and curious about a solution for getting all the contacts you need. What would that look like? You're not always at your desk or working from your office, but you don't want to give everyone your cell phone number. Also, you find yourself missing time-sensitive voice mails if working off-site, or uncertain of exactly what the message was.

It's a new world in phone systems, and VoIP is here to help. VoIP phone service can accept forwarded calls, access voice mail, transcribe voice mails, and use other aspects of technology to support your business communication without missing any calls. Check it out below.

The Comparison

You have had a landline forever, but now your business is more mobile than ever before. And you don't want everyone to have your cell number, right?

That's one example of where VoIP phone service can provide more service than a landline.

Here's the breakdown.

  • VoIP solutions offer call forwarding, voice mail access and transcription, and digital phone systems that work with your network and communication style to channel communications to the right place.

  • Versus...your landline, which sits on your desk and you answer whenever you are there, available, and able to take a call. Are you missing out on business without more advanced phone solutions? Maybe.

Advancing Your Communication

Using technology to meet your communication needs is one of the best investments your business can make. If your phone systems need an update, it's probably time to start using a VoIP phone system.

Keep up With Contacts

Can you keep up with potential clients contacting you, or are you falling behind? Did you find holes in your communications plan when you worked off-site for an extended period of time? If you want to make your phone work for you using the technology that is available today, start with the professional team at Hilyard's Business Solutions.