Why Your Hybrid Workforce Needs VoIP Phone Systems

Hybrid work

Your hybrid workforce needs a lot of things--but did you know Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems should be at the top of that list? Read on to find out what these systems can do for you and your teams!

Key Features of VoIP Phone Systems

Instead of copper wires and expensive hardware, VoIP phone systems are powered by the internet. That means they're a perfect solution to help bring on-site and remote workers together in your hybrid business model.

Of course, it's not just the internet that makes these phone systems a perfect fit for "the new normal." Here are a few key features you won't want to live without:

Auto attendants

Your people are busy--don't make them waste time juggling phone calls. Instead, let a VoIP auto attendant handle responses and call routing. Callers will be able to select their needs from a menu, and just like that, they'll be sent to the proper team member.

Mobile connectivity

Many VoIP phone systems come with a mobile app to keep employees connected wherever they go. That means remote workers will have access to the same great features and benefits, whether they're answering calls from the couch, the library, or even the beach.

Call recording

Need to record calls safely and store the data without hassle? VoIP phone systems are your best bet. Automatic call recording means your calls will be stored in the cloud for quick access, allowing you to review conversations without creating security vulnerabilities.

Call forwarding

Remote and on-site employees may have different schedules. As such, it's easy for a caller to miss their intended recipient--but with VoIP phone systems, that caller will automatically be forwarded to another team member.


VoIP phone systems are the perfect match for hybrid workforces. Why? Simple: They're built to bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds, helping you leverage each one to create something entirely new.

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