Your Guide To VoIP Connections

VoIP Phone System

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems have a lot going for them. They're a huge improvement over traditional phone systems--and it all comes down to their unique set of connections. Here's what you need to know.

What Are VoIP Connections?

You may know that VoIP phone systems rely on the internet. Instead of copper wires, they use WiFi connections to transmit data from one location or device to another.

Naturally, that kind of communication requires a connection.

In VoIP phone systems, a "connection" is the link between Point A and Point B, allowing you to share communication data with anyone who happens to be connected to the internet on a smart device.

So, what does a connection actually connect you to? Here are the four basic options:

  • Computer-to-computer.
  • Computer-to-phone.
  • Smart devices.
  • Analog telephone adapters.

VoIP Connections Explained

Because you can connect to just about anything with VoIP phone systems, it's helpful to know what those connections look like:


This is a virtual link between one computer and another and can include desktop devices and laptops alike. Once this connection has been established, you can share voice, text, and other data regardless of operating system types.


In this type of connection, calls and communications are made using a phone--usually an IP phone, which is connected to the internet. This method is quick and easy, putting some of the most advanced VoIP features well within reach.

Smart Devices

Smartphones, tablets, and even apps--this kind of connection makes them tools for your VoIP phone systems. You won't need to upgrade your hardware, and employees can use devices they're already familiar with.

Analog Telephone Adapters

Still have analog phones? No problem--all you need is an analog telephone adapter (ATA). This device adapts landline communication into digital data that can be shared via the internet.

In conclusion, VoIP phone systems are flexible and adaptable--and no matter what devices you have or what connections you need to use, this solution can deliver.

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