Document Management

Document Management: The Prescription for Streamlined Medical Records

Document Management

Document management is one of the most popular business solutions available today. Companies from various industries have discovered just how beneficial these services are. Healthcare—one of the nation’s largest and continuously growing industries—can improve document workflow and records management with DM.

Simplify Your Office With Electronic Forms

Electronic forms, Document Management

Have you ever entered a place of business to request a service and found yourself filling out the same forms you filled out the last time you were there? You know that info is already on file somewhere, and yet the company is strictly sticking to paper documents and don't want to dig up your information from the last time. This has you filling out all the same information time and again. Nobody is a fan of processes like these.

Electronic Forms

Create the Forms for Your Business

Forms are a necessary part of any business. Work orders, invoices, and questionnaires are only a few examples of documents that companies use day in and day out. Without them, no work would get done and no one would get paid.

Workflow Solutions

Work Smarter with Workflow Solutions

For businesses to succeed, they need to get work done as quickly and thoroughly as possible. They need to eliminate as many wasteful or inefficient steps and processes as they can.

Hilyard’s Business Solutions has products to help you maximize your efficiency. We offer Workflow Solutions that enable you to streamline your processes and go beyond the expectations of customers.

Print Accounting

Manage Your Printing Costs Better

According to recent research, printing can take up between 1-3% of a company’s annual budget. This can translate into hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Your business can’t afford to overlook numbers like these. To stay as profitable as possible, you need a way to understand your printing costs and to keep them under control.

Hilyard’s Business Solutions can help you do exactly that. With our Print Accounting solutions, you can get a clear picture of your printing expenses and promote accountability in your Wilmington DE workplace.

Print Job Routing

Keep Workplace Productivity High

To stay productive, you need superior, reliable business equipment in Wilmington DE. However, you need more than that. You also need to know how to leverage that equipment effectively.

When your printers don’t get used as well as they could be, it can lead to problems down the road. Employees can use certain printers excessively or for jobs that other devices could handle better. Your overworked printers could break down, which can put extra strain on your other machines, not to mention your budget.

Document Management

Improve Your Processes with Hilyard’s Document Management Solutions

Part of your company’s productivity depends on the quality of your office hardware. However, the way in which you use your equipment and other resources can matter even more.

Hilyard’s Business Solutions recognizes the importance of understanding and fine-tuning your processes. We offer a selection of Document Management solutions to help Wilmington DE customers increase their efficiency and trim away costs. We are proud partners of Square9, Global Search and Global Forms.



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