IT Network Services

Network Security

Powerful Protection for Your IT Network

When hackers, malware and other online threats attack your network security, it can spell disaster for your business. You could have your private information lost or stolen, which can impact your bottom line and even have legal consequences. These threats to your network security can also hamper your productivity, forcing you to spend time and money on getting everything running again.


First-Rate Service Whenever Problems Arise

At Hilyard’s Business Solutions, we take great pride in our fast, considerate, highly effective service. It has been the cornerstone of our business since we opened back in 1959.

Technology and business have changed a lot since then, but our commitment to providing superior service has remained the same. With our Break-Fix, you get to benefit from that service as well as our expertise with cutting-edge technology. Whenever you encounter problems with your IT network, we can get it resolved quickly and unobtrusively.

Remote Monitoring

24-Hour Monitoring for Your IT Network

Keeping your IT network in good working order requires vigilance. You need to keep an eye on your crucial systems and address issues as soon as they arise.

Of course, it takes time and manpower to watch over your network constantly. The more you spend on monitoring, the less you’ll have for finding growth opportunities.


Set Up Your IT Network for Greater Success

Hilyard’s Business Solutions has offered customers top-notch office products and unmatched services for more than half a century. Technology has changed a lot over that time, and we’ve worked hard to stay at the forefront of those changes. That’s why we started providing IT Network and Document Management services back in 1992.

Managed IT

First-Rate Support for Your IT Network

These days, the success of your business can depend on how well you maintain your IT network. You need to keep productivity high, which means guarding against system downtime or crashes as well as security breaches. Failure to do so could undermine your customers’ trust and prevent you from staying profitable.

With our Managed IT services, Hilyard’s Business Solutions can help keep your network up and running at all times. We can watch and update your systems and leave your staff free to focus on more important duties.

IT Network Services

Comprehensive Services for Your IT Network

Hilyard’s Business Solutions works hard to meet the evolving technological needs of our clients. We began offering IT solutions back in 1992. Since then, it has become a mainstay of our company. We want to help you keep your business healthy and running smoothly so you can successfully leverage technology to achieve your business goals.


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