Wide Format Printers

Wide Format Printers in Wilmington DE

High Quality Larger Documents for Your Business

Hilyard’s Business Solutions knows that industries have different demands regarding documents and prints. Sometimes, your business may need something larger than 8.5” x 11”. You may need the blueprints for your latest construction job, for instance, or posters for an upcoming sale. To meet customer needs such as these, Hilyard’s has a selection of wide format printers in Wilmington DE.

Our equipment can be used effectively in many industries, including:

  • Construction
  • Graphic Design
  • Engineering

Features of Hilyard’s Wide Format Printers

Hilyard’s wide format printers have such superior features as:

Fast Print Speeds

You’ll get error-free prints in various sizes consistently and quickly.

High Print Resolution

All of your prints will have the sharp details they need.

Editing Options

With one of our wide format devices, you can:

  • Enlarge or shrink the sizes of your documents
  • Magnify portions of your documents
  • Adjust document margins

Scanning Features

Some of our printers can convert your paper documents into digital files as well. This greatly enhances your ability to collaborate and share information.

Print Fleet and Document Management

In addition to our hardware, Hilyard’s offers a variety of services and solutions to maximize your productivity. To learn about some of our Document Management and Print Fleet Management solutions, click the links below:

For more details on our wide format printers in Wilmington DE, see our Product Catalog or contact us.