Xerox D95 / D110 / D125 Series

Black & White
Production Printers & Copiers
Over 100 prints/minute
Manufactured by:
Designed for fast-paced environments of all types—from commercial print shops and pay-for-print retail outlets to law offices and school districts—the D95/D110/D125 Copier/Printer excels anywhere speed, image quality and ease-of-use play key roles in improving efficiency and reducing costs.


  • Fast speeds and productive output save you both time and money
  • Unsurpassed image quality helps you win repeat customers
  • Easy to use minimal learning curve gets you up and printing quickly so you can produce more jobs
The Xerox D95/D110/D125 Series Copier/Printer is a monochrome light production printer with industry-leading speeds of up to 125 pages per minute. This device offers production print, copy, scan, and advanced finishing capabilities that allow you to produce innovative, diverse, and professional output. Use it to expand your offerings to your customers, build your customer base and boost your revenues.   With a minimal learning curve, the D95/D110/ D125 Copier/Printer quickly begins delivering an exceptional return on your investment.