3 Reasons Businesses Need Managed IT Services Right Now


Have you been pondering managed IT services but not sure if it's right for you? Managed services have seen a huge boom in business, especially from small and medium-sized businesses. In 2019, the market grew by almost $200 billion.

Why is the managed services market so critical to business today? Because business owners are looking for efficient, cost-effective answers to expert management across a variety of departments.

If your business isn't IT-focused, why hire an IT team when you can outsource to highly trained professionals with specialized experience in proactive IT management and maintain high standards for what is essential in your business IT structure.

Managed IT in Today's Work World

In the modern work world, even an in-house IT team might be overwhelmed with troubleshooting help desk requests, and be completely unable to spend time on proactive vulnerability scans, cybersecurity, and software upgrades.

Security is critical and outsourced IT services are better able to drill down on security needs than in-house teams that have a lot on their plate, or overworked small business managers.

Why Do Businesses Need Managed IT?

Managed IT services are cost-effective and efficient and save money on labor, software, hardware, network security, and IT maintenance.

Also, IT services provide your business:

Security Having a team focused just on your IT needs means that your software is upgraded, and security is at a high level at all times.

Expertise Let your in-house IT team specialize in what they are good at - and for your outsourced IT team, you can get more bang for your buck by investing in expert IT assistance.

Workforce Management Managed IT helps your in-house team operate more productively, lets your employees stay invested in their jobs, and allows you as an owner/manager to trust that the IT is taken care of.

Next Steps to Implementing IT Services

It's time to get moving with your IT services – talk to Hilyard's Business Solutions today to implement managed IT services with an expert team.