Network Security

Network Security Dover, Salisbury and Wilmington  DE

Powerful Protection for Your IT Network in Delaware & Maryland

When hackers, malware and other online threats attack your network security, it can spell disaster for your business. You could have your private information lost or stolen, which can impact your bottom line and even have legal consequences. These threats to your network security can also hamper your productivity, forcing you to spend time and money on getting everything running again.

Hilyard’s Business Solutions can help prevent such nightmare scenarios from occurring. Our Network Security services in Salisbury, Dover, and Wilmington help you keep threats away from your network and keep your systems running smoothly.

Details of Network Security Service

Hilyard’s Network Security service comes with features like:

Online Content Filtering

You’ll have the ability to filter content that people can view on your company’s network. You can protect your systems from potential threats and ensure that your workplace stays focused on business-relevant tasks.

Email Security

Our Security service comes with email security to protect the information that you send out. Encryption ensures that only your emails’ recipients can read them. You’ll also be able to prevent junk mail from clogging up your inbox.

Antivirus Protection

Our Security service protects you from viruses and other malware whether you’re working onsite or remotely. We’ll watch over your network and handle updates so you can concentrate on your work.

Other IT Network Services

Hilyard’s has a variety of services to help you stay productive. To learn about our other IT Services, go to the following pages:

For more details on our Network Security service, contact us.


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