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Video Conference Room

Advanced Communications with Star2Star

Hilyard's is able to bridge the telecommunications gaps in your business by providing a wide range of telephony solutions from Star2Star. Below are just a few of the options that we can offer to our customers.

Disaster Recovery

In a disaster situation, you could lose business for days or weeks without a reliable phone connection. Are you prepared? With Star2Star, you'll never have to worry again, no matter what happens. StarRecovery is an innovative disaster recovery system that allows your business to maintain telephone service despite power, telephone and Internet outages, or even destruction of your facilities. If you experience an outage at your business, our StarRecovery System will immediately detect the problem and automatically take over as your phone system. StarRecovery also provides all the features and functionality of a Star2Star VoIP phone service Wilmington DE, Salisbury MD, and Dover DE trust.

  • Calls will be rerouted to designated employee cell phones, landlines or another office location
  • Main or departmental numbers can be routed to an auto-attendant or to a group of numbers

Advance Call Center

StarCenter™ is a complete, full-featured call center exclusively for Star2Star's VoIP phone service. It delivers advanced call routing, management, and reporting features with a simple, web-based user interface that makes it easy to add and administer queues and agents—from a few to hundreds of users. It also operates seamlessly across multiple locations.

Features Include:

  • Agent login/logout
  • Skill-based ring strategies
  • Flexible queuing configurations
  • Agent barge, monitor and whisper functionality
  • Optional cloud-based recording of agents' inbound calls for quality assurance or archival purposes

Call Recording

Call recording is an important tool for many businesses. Recorded calls can be used to meet regulatory requirements, verify accuracy, maintain quality customer service, and provide guidance and training for employees. Star2Star provides System-Wide Call Recording, On-Phone Recording, and StarCenter Call Recording.

Video Conferencing

Up to 12 users can join a real-time StarVideo conference with audio. Additional participants can join the conference in audio-only mode. It's robust, interactive and simple to operate. Here's how it works:

  • To initiate a conference, an organizer selects the users to invite to the conference using a favorite list or by searching in the company directory.
  • Invited users will receive an on-screen notification, letting them know they've been invited to participate.
  • When a user accepts the video invitation, the system will provide a list of audio options, including the user's office phone, cell phone, StarPhone, and any other extensions or dial in that user chooses.
  • Once the system has connected the audio, users click the "start sharing" button to connect to the video conference.
  • A whiteboard feature within the video conference allows participants to view and collectively edit virtually any type of document.
  • A text chat feature also allows users to communicate with one another during conferencing.

Instant Messaging

In today's always-on, always-connected world, many employees and clients need additional methods of communication. Instant messaging, also known as chat, provides the same high level of interaction without the time constraints imposed by a phone call. Users can multitask and stay productive. With Star2Star's StarChat unified messaging application, users can easily participate in a one-on-one or multi-party text chat. Group conversations make it simple to contact people you need to chat with often and have written conversations in real-time. Because all of your chats are stored in a searchable archive stored in the cloud, you always have access to them.

Presence Management

Your telephone and computer are equally important business tools. StarScope2™ leverages the power of the desktop computer to improve workflow, communications, and presence management by making your phone system more accessible and intelligent. Its user interface is based on a visual representation of all the extensions in your organization, including remote phones, softphones, and phones in multiple business locations.