Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

Cloud Backup Salisbury MD

Dependable Protection for Your Vital Data

Keeping your data safe is of the utmost importance for your Wilmington business. When a fire or some other disaster occurs, they could damage your computers or internal servers. If your records get destroyed, your business might not be able to recover. Cloud backup solutions help expedite the recovery process.

Hilyard’s can help keep your information secure and eliminate storage risks and problems. With our Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery service, you can save your vital data offsite and recover it quickly if your office’s equipment is damaged or compromised. We’ll help ensure that your business will get back up and running as soon as possible.

Benefits of Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

As part of Hilyard’s Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery service, your digital records get stored in a secure data center away from your workplace. Our datacenter is climate-controlled and features the following:

  • Advanced Security
  • Fire Suppression
  • Round-the-Clock Surveillance

All of your information gets replicated, encrypted and transmitted securely. We’ve taken steps to eliminate any backup vulnerabilities you might experience with older, tape-based backup systems. Since only small changes to your information are transmitted at a time, your network will only feel a minimal bandwidth impact.

Additional IT Network Services

Hilyard’s has a diverse set of IT Services that protect your systems and open up new possibilities for doing business. For more information, check out the following pages:

To learn more details about our Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery service, contact us.


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