Multifunction Printers

Xerox Copiers Salisbury MD

Work Faster and Better with Hilyard’s Multifunction Systems

To stay competitive, your business needs to get as much work done in as little time as possible. Wherever you can, you need to cut down on waste and inefficiency.

Hilyard’s Business Solutions in Wilmington DE and Salisbury MD has products to help you operate faster and better. Our multifunction systems (MFPs) enable you to:

  • Print and distribute documents quickly and easily
  • Improve productivity in your workplace
  • Reduce your energy and supply usage

Features of Hilyard’s Multifunction Systems

Hilyard’s multifunction systems come with four main features:


You can print hundreds of flawless pages within minutes. Our devices have automatic duplexing, which lets you cut your paper usage in half.


Our Xerox Copiers enable you to make copies that look like your original documents.


You can also scan your paper documents and convert them to different formats and locations, including email, network folders, .jpg, .pdf and .tiff formats.


With Hilyard’s MFPs, you can fax your scanned documents too.

Print Fleet and Document Management

Hilyard’s does much more than sell you equipment. We also offer comprehensive solutions that help you manage your workflows and boost your productivity even further. For details on some of our printing-related solutions, check out these pages:

For more information on our stock of multifunction systems, check out our Product Catalog or contact us.


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