Electronic Forms

Electronic Forms

Create the Forms for Your Business

Forms are a necessary part of any business. Work orders, invoices, and questionnaires are only a few examples of documents that companies use day in and day out. Without them, no work would get done and no one would get paid.

Hilyard’s Business Solutions can help Wilmington DE companies gather and organize the information they need in order to work. Our Electronic Forms solutions let you create a wide variety of web-based documents for your business. With minimal effort and waste, you can make forms that suit your specific field or industry.

Features of Hilyard’s Electronic Forms Solutions

Hilyard’s user-friendly Electronic Forms solutions have such features as:

Form Designer

Our solutions use a browser-based interface. You don’t need to install anything to start creating your forms.

Drag and Drop Capability

Our solutions’ drag-and-drop capability lets you make forms quickly. You can add elements like:

  • Images
  • Radio Buttons
  • Drop-downs
  • Text/checkboxes

Business Rules and Logic

You can build forms with rules and logic that alter their layout based on the choices people make. You can also require people to fill out particular fields before they can submit the forms.

Recycle Data

Hilyard’s Electronic Forms solutions enable you to auto-populate form fields that use the same data. You can make it faster and easier for people to complete forms, which helps ensure that you’ll get the information you need.

Common Uses for Electronic Forms

Our solutions are used to create such forms as:

  • Sales Orders
  • Time Sheets
  • Patient Registration Forms
  • Loan Applications
  • Questionnaires
  • Enrollment Forms

Other Document Management Solutions

Hilyard’s has other solutions to help your business function better. For more information on Hilyard’s suite of Document Management products, go to the following pages:

To learn more about our Electronic Forms solutions, contact us.


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