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Business Phone Systems and VoIP Phone Systems in Salisbury and Wilmington

Hilyard's gives you the highest quality in business phone systems through innovative technology, products, VoIP phone service and support that ensure success. So, how does VoIP work? Voice Over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, directs calls through a data network by using your company's internet connection. VoIP phone service is like PTSN (traditional business phone systems) but just lower in cost. In fact, lower costs are why many Delaware businesses have switched over to a VoIP phone system.

However, the biggest distinction from the traditional business phone systems Wilmington businesses have come to rely on is that VoIP phone service requires a high-speed internet connection. Plus, the features that are provided by these phone systems offer tremendous operating flexibility! Wilmington DE organizations love using VoIP phone service because it provides Voicemail to email, Video Conferencing, Fax, and Instant Messaging. In addition, remote communication becomes even easier by using cloud services over your entire network. Implementing cloud services with your business phone systems means you won't miss a call again. Ever! When it comes to picking the right VoIP phone systems, Hilyard's will be able to guide you through the process effectively.

VoIP Phone Service Delaware Depends On

A communication strategy that includes using a VoIP phone service has many benefits for your Wilmington DE business. Not only will business communication improve, but your company will have a reliable service that can already be used with your current technology. At Hilyard's in Delaware, we specialize in the sales and servicing of VoIP Phone Systems and NEC phones. Some of our products and features include:

  • Voice over IP (VoIP Phone Systems)
  • Call forward to a cell phone or home phone
  • Voicemail sent to Smartphone e-mail
  • Find me / Follow me feature
  • VoIP phone service integration
  • Call recording, including one-button recording
  • Ease-of-use for conference calls, greetings changes, etc.
  • Automated attendant

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