Laser Printers

Make Superior Prints Whenever You Need Them

At Hilyard’s Business Solutions in Wilmington DE, we know the difference that your equipment can have on your workplace. The laser printers you use, for example, can impact your office’s budget and carbon footprint.

You need devices that deliver high-quality prints quickly and with minimal waste. Hilyard’s available printers do exactly that. With our devices, you can produce clean, error-free documents consistently and with less energy and supply usage.

Features of Hilyard’s Printers

Hilyard’s printers have such outstanding features as:

Fast Print Speeds and High Duty Cycles

Our machines can print dozens of pages in a minute. Not only that, they can print several thousands of pages each month.

Energy-Efficient, Environmentally Responsible Design

Hilyard’s Business Solutions’ printers are Energy Star qualified, indicating their superior productivity and low power requirements. You can print more and cut down on your energy usage at the same time.

Additional Features

Hilyard’s printers also have:

  • High dpi resolution for sharper images and legible text
  • Ability to print on card stock, labels, envelopes and other media
  • Wireless connectivity

Print Fleet Management and Document Management

Hilyard’s doesn’t just sell you a printer. With our Print Fleet Management and Document Management solutions, we can help ensure that you get the most from your devices. Check out these pages to learn more:

Contact us or see our Product Catalog for more information on our available printers.


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