Shredders & Folders

Woman feeding paper into a shredder

Handle and Dispose of Documents Better

Hilyard’s Business Solutions has a variety of printers that let you quickly produce several types of documents. However, we know that the work doesn’t always stop once your files get printed.

Depending on the information contained in your files and the requirements of your industry, you may need the ability to dispose of documents securely. You could also need to get large volumes of documents ready for distribution.

Hilyard’s has equipment to help you at each stage of the document lifecycle. Our selection of shredders and folders allow you to finish and destroy documents quickly.

Features of Hilyard’s Document Shredders

Hilyard’s available shredders have many outstanding features, including:

  • The ability to shred dozens of feet of paper within minutes
  • The capacity to shred credit cards, CDs, staples and paper clips
  • Quiet, powerful motors designed for continuous use
  • Special designs to meet NSA, CSS and DOD standards for security

Features of Hilyard’s Document Folders

Hilyard’s compact, efficient folders will give your documents a sharp, professional appearance. Their features include:

  • Different folding programs (include options for width, filing edge and cross fold)
  • Fast fold speeds (dozens of feet per minute or hundreds of millimeters per second)
  • Quiet-running, eco-friendly designs

Document Management and Print Fleet Management

Hilyard’s also offers various services and solutions to help you cut printing costs and increase efficiency. Click the links below for examples of our Document Management and Print Fleet Management offerings:

For more details on our document shredders and folders, see our Product Catalog or contact us.