Basic Managed Print Benefits


Most businesses have recognized a need to manage their print environment and have turned to managed print services to help reduce expenses. Managed print services can be tremendously helpful for any business that needs to make changes to the current print environment.

Managed print services can cut costs, optimize workflows, and make the essential cost and time-saving changes to your print environment.

How to Start

The first step to investing in managed print is to contact the vendor partner you want to work with, like Hilyard's. Then, your vendor will begin implementation. That looks something like this:

  • Assess your print fleet for efficiency - by reviewing machines and their use, the team will understand what is used correctly and what print equipment is abused.

  • Analyze print data - pretty self-explanatory, but understanding print patterns and usage will show precisely where your print resources are going.

Once these steps are complete, you can move ahead with appreciating the ongoing savings and benefits!

Why You Need Managed Print

The "why" for managed print is pretty easy - significant cost savings, substantial workflow benefits, better functioning print environment, and happier employees. Win!

What do those benefits look like exactly? Here are a few of the positives:

  • A predictable print budget

  • Ongoing fleet maintenance

  • Better print security

  • Managed supplies

  • And more!

Who to Talk To

Who would you reach out to to get your managed print services rolling? Hilyard's Business Solutions is the vendor you need to get the print savings and benefits you can -and should- expect from print management. Talk to the Hilyard's team today to fix your print environment once and for all.