The Beginner's Guide to Business Phone Systems

business phone system

The business phone system that your office uses is its lifeline. It connects the employees as well as to the customers. Before choosing your company's phone system, consider the types of business phone systems available and how they may work for your employees.


Landlines may seem old-fashioned, but many new phone designs make these an efficient system to use. For business phones on a landline, the phones are connected to a central system as well as to the outside world. This allows for quick messages between co-workers as well as making outside calls. There is a lot of hardware needed to make the system work, however, and some companies want to cut down on the purchasing of equipment for more virtual choices. However, since everyone is already familiar with the way landlines work, there is little to no training period needed for employees to use this system.

Voice Over Internet Protocol

A VoIP system uses the internet connection that the company already has to create a system that works much like a landline. This can be integrated into the existing computer system, so there is little hardware needed. For some companies, this cost-effective measure is the best choice for its simplicity and low cost. These systems have the best features of landlines without the need for phones for each employee when they are integrated into each worker's computer.

Virtual Phones

A virtual phone system uses the main business number to get to the individual phones of each person. This works well when some of the company works remotely and needs a viable communication system to connect everyone. It's also useful for employees to use when they take on customer service phone calls or communicate a lot with customers.

If your business could use a better phone system, contact us today to find out more about how these phone systems work and how they can help your company be more efficient and available. We can help you to identify your phone needs and make the most out of the system you choose.