Boost Security with Managed Print Services

managed print

Managed print services can do all kinds of great things for your business. It can improve customer service, cut down on wasted time and money, help you go green, and more--but what can it do to help protect your printers, your data, and your devices? Let's find out!

A Partner in Security

The truth about print environments is that they can be a huge security risk if not properly managed. Many businesses forget to protect their network printers, and hackers know that--so printers are often the first target in a digital attack. Luckily, managed print services has evolved new, efficient ways to handle these issues, making sure that no business overlooks the printers--and that you don't have to sacrifice your efficiency and productivity to keep your print environment safe.

So, how does managed print services help to boost security? Here's a quick look!

  • Offline security

Although your security focus is probably on data and networks, there's an equally important threat to focus on: unprotected papers. When files are left lying around or abandoned on the printer tray, important information can walk away in the wrong hands--so managed print helps you implement security solutions and good habits that keep you safe in the "real world."

  • Information storage

Many of your devices probably store the data they use. This can be good news for your efficiency and workflows, but it's vital that you know where your machines store this information and how to get rid of it. Luckily, managed print services can help you learn how to safely and efficiently wipe hard drives on a regular basis.

  • Good habits

Do you use mobile printing or frequent the fax machine? Every print solution requires its own security measures, and managed print can help you establish good habits so that those solutions are as safe as they are efficient.

Wondering what else managed print services can do to boost your security? See for yourself--contact us today!