Can IT Network Services Bolster Your Customer Service?

Two Very Happy Customers

When you think about your company’s IT network services, you are probably worried about having appropriate measures in place to secure your data. What you might not be thinking about is how lapses in your IT services can affect your customer service. Network downtime leads to more than just frustrated employees. It can also translate to unhappy customers, which can affect your reputation and bottomline.

Service and Support

As mentioned above, customer perception and your reputation weigh heavily on your business. And how customers are treated matters. According to an article by Forbes, between 49 to 67 percent of people will switch to another business based on poor customer service. Although some factors might be out of your control, making sure that IT downtime does not affect how your clients are served is critical to your success.

Still not convinced? In 2016, poor customer service led to $62 billion dollars in losses. So, it is fair to say that keeping people happy is a big part of your job. And proper IT network services can go a long way to helping you in that endeavor.

Keeping Customers Happy

When keeping your clients happy is so important, it is imperative to have the tools and systems in place to support that. Upset customers lack patience, and if your technology is unable to keep up with demands, they will take their business elsewhere. And probably give you a scathing online review.

This applies in particular to businesses selling any product or service online. When clients trying to place an order continually get an error message due to down systems on your end, there is a good chance you will lose a sale. If they contact your customer service department, your CS team will be scrambling trying to help them address their issue while also dealing with technology issues. Perception of bad service translates to loss of profits; it is as simple as that.

Perception and Reputation

An IT network service disaster can lead to a security breach, irreparably damaging your reputation. Even successful companies struggle to recover after a data leak. If a breach does occur, customer service is again on the frontlines of dealing with a disaster and upset customers.

Customer perception matters; don’t let IT concerns cripple your business. Just as with customer service, your IT department must be prepared for the worst. It is critical to have strong security support as well as backup and recovery services as part of your IT network services. Get started here.