Can Managed Print Services Save Your Business Money?

Managed print services.

Moving to managed print services can save you money, time and improve efficiency. It may seem odd at first that purchasing from a third-party vendor can save you money, but here’s how that happens.

Using managed print services ensures your company always uses top-of-the-line, up-to-date equipment. You have fewer printers onsite but networked more efficiently.

Enhance Security with MPS

The third-party vendor you use also handles security for the print system. You can further enhance security since you can assign each machine can have a code or assign the codes by contract or project.

This procedure helps you with security, and it helps save you money. Businesses spend about three percent of their annual budget on printing. Much of that doesn’t come from projects. It comes from employees printing personal items on company printers. Using a managed solution can eliminate this problem. Users must assign each print job to a personal code or a project code.

Reduce Supplies with MPS

You can also reduce the supplies costs you incur. A managed print services contract includes overhead costs like paper, toner, etc. Since the third-party vendor purchases in bulk, they spend less money on these items, and that cost-saving gets passed along to you. You no longer need to purchase extra paper or toner to ensure you don’t run out.

Your managed services contract can also include options for remote workers to pick up printouts. The vendor you use may have local or regional locations that allow your employees to print remotely, then pick up the poster, map, project report, etc. This type of service also saves you money since you no longer need to purchase a plotter, binding machine, etc.

Reduce Costs with MPS

A managed print services company can also help you identify potential cost savings, such as targeted digitization. That term refers to determining which documents your company could most easily digitize. Never printing a document saves you money and keeps paper out of landfills. You reduce instead of recycling, which ultimately reduces the amount of paper made.

You can save money and reign in your budget by switching to managed print services. Contact Hilyard’s Inc. Business Solutions today for more information.