FAQs About VoIP Phone Systems

If you're thinking about switching to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems, you may have a question or two--or 10. Today, we're answering those questions and helping you decide if it's time to make the leap.

VoIP Phone Systems, Simplified

If you want to know more about [VoIP phone systems]( https://www.hilyards.com/voip-phone-service), you're in the right place. Check out these FAQs:

"How Does VoIP Work?"

Unlike traditional phone systems, which rely on copper wires, a VoIP setup is based on your internet connection. Audio data is transmitted in much the same way as other online information--that is to say, quickly and digitally.

"How's The Audio Quality?"

You might have heard that VoIP phone systems have poor audio quality, but that's not the case. Better internet connectivity and smarter technology have made VoIP conversations clear, crisp, and easily audible, sometimes even surpassing what you'd get from a traditional phone system.

"What Features Are Available?"

One of the biggest benefits of switching to VoIP is the long list of available features. You don't have to stop at phone calls; you can implement video chats, automated call forwarding, AI attendants, instant messaging, and more. It's also possible to mix and match or scale these features to help ensure you're getting the right level of service for your needs.

"How Do We Get Started?"

The first step in getting VoIP phone systems is to find a service provider you can trust. They should have experience managing voice traffic, redundant network connections, top-notch technology offerings, and plenty of options for customization. Perhaps most importantly, they should be able to answer all of your questions--whether you want to know all the specifics of their security approach or are just curious about the benefits of VoIP.


Although VoIP phone systems may feel new and unfamiliar, they're a whole lot like your traditional phone solution. The biggest differences are good ones--like using your internet connection instead of copper wires.

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