Hiring IT Services: 6 Key Questions to Ask


Next year, over 80% of small businesses plan to increase IT spending to address changes in technology and security. This spending shows that IT is an essential service to businesses, and paying attention to your IT is the way to be competitive online and in person.

Managed IT Services

When you are ready to invest in IT (which might be sooner rather than later to protect your business!), you’ll want first to consider managed IT services.

Managed IT services help to streamline and improve current operations, update software and examine any security issues, and stay on top of constant tech and software changes. IT services will build your business without taking up all your time or profits.

What to Ask

Once you are ready to find an IT services company that is best for your business, here are a few key questions to ask.

  1. Do you communicate well and provide transparency?

    Even though you are outsourcing IT, you still need to know what’s going on and when, so be clear early on what your communication expectations are.

  2. Do you prioritize proactive approaches?

    Is your IT services company working FOR you and finding solutions before there’s a problem? Because that is one of the biggest benefits of managed IT.

  3. Do you provide access to advanced technology?

    Does your provider includes access to additional software programs, or is everything an additional cost?

  4. How quickly can I expect responses from you?

    Straightforward, just the way we like it.

  5. What is your track record like?

    Don’t be afraid to ask for references and talk to other companies that have worked with this team.

  6. Tell me more about your greatest successes and failures in the industry.

    It seems in-depth, but you want the right team of professionals working in your IT world.

Now is the Time for IT

Today is the day to get on board with IT services so you can be done thinking about it once and for all. Contact Hilyard’s Business Solutions today to get started.