How To Choose a Managed IT Services Provider

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Whether you're interested in IT network services or managed IT services, you'll work with a provider--a third-party company interested in helping you improve your tech environment. Here's how to make sure that the provider is capable of being a great partner.

What To Ask a Managed IT Services or IT Network Services Provider

When it comes to IT network services and managed IT services, you can't afford a "bad fit." Instead, you need to ensure you're getting real value from the partnership with your provider. Of course, you may not see that value until a few weeks into your business relationship--so how can you tell ahead of time that you're making the right choice?

Just ask questions like these:

"What exactly do you offer?"

This is a simple question, but it's a good way to see how a managed IT or IT network services provider talks about their work. If they're clear, honest, and specific, you'll know they likely have nothing to hide--and that they're eager to share what they do.

"How do you create value?"

Different providers create value in different ways. However, the purpose of IT network and managed IT services is to cut costs, simplify workflows, improve tech environments, and improve security--so if these topics don't come up, the provider probably isn't creating real value at all.

"How will you support our teams?"

Your teams may need all kinds of support, or they might just need a few pointers here and there. If the managed IT services or managed IT network services provider doesn't start by asking what your team structure looks like, how your IT environment works, and what questions you usually have, they're likely more focused on making a sale than building a relationship.

"What questions do you have for us?"

A good provider will want to know key things about your business. Remember, this partnership should be a constant conversation--so if they're not interested in learning who you are and what you need, the future might not be very bright.


If you want to get real value from IT network and managed IT services, start by choosing the right provider. The best partnerships can save money, improve security, support your business, and a whole lot more.

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