How Does Managed Print Services Support Schools?

A teacher using a printer machine in the a school hallway as a group of students walk.

Schools are a key part of any community. They build better lives for students and create the thinkers, planners, and dreamers of tomorrow--but to make all that happen, schools themselves need a little support. Luckily, that's where managed print services comes in.

Managed Print Services for Schools

Even in today's tech-driven world, learning still requires a lot of paper. Naturally, that means schools need to have a print environment that supports all that paper creation without sabotaging the budget. Of course, that's easier said than done.

The good news is that managed print services can help make it possible--and here's how:

Problem: The wrong machines

When you were first building your school's printer fleet, you might not have had a solid plan for how all these machines worked together. Unfortunately, that can lead to a disjointed print environment and lots of inefficiencies.

Solution: Managed print services includes a solution called fleet management, which can help schools understand which machines are outdated, which need to be consolidated, and which are doing exactly what they need to do.

Problem: No print policies

With so many students, lesson plans, and requirements to juggle, you probably don't have time to track exactly how everyone uses the printer. Without print policies in place, uncontrolled printing can lead to waste, bad habits, and even security vulnerabilities.

Solution: Schools can get help from managed print services providers to create print policies. These policies will create guidelines telling users how to print safely and effectively--for example, when to use color vs. black-and-white, when to print double-sided, and how to connect mobile devices without introducing security risks.

Problem: Unknown costs

When you don't know how much your school spends on things like paper, ink, toner, energy, and printer maintenance, it's difficult to control those costs.

Solution: With managed print services, schools have the visibility they need to identify where their money is going. Once costs are tracked across the entire print environment, it's possible to cut costs in ways that don't impact efficiency or performance.


To keep providing top-notch educational experiences for students, schools need a little support of their own. Managed print services provides that support, showing schools how to structure and protect their print environments for cost savings, improved efficiency, and more.

Does your school need help from managed print services? Contact us today to get started!