Important Questions for your MPS Provider


Managed print services can have an enormous effect on your business systems — providing a big-picture print strategy as well as day-to-day management. Rather than the hassle of dealing with a variety of vendors for different elements of your print program, MPS enables you to partner with one provider who can handle all of your print needs.

When you are looking for a managed print partner, here are some things to be on the lookout for.

Supply Questions

Be sure to ask a potential MPS provider is they offer a basic cartridge program as well as a cost per print option. Why? Because you want a partner, who can provide you with a custom solution that meets your business needs.

  • A cartridge program means you can bundle toner purchased and repair and support services, enabling you to pay for maintenance and toner, based on your need and usage.
  • Cost-per-print programs, on the other hand, which simplifies your management and improved accuracy for budgeting. Toner auto-replacement and repair services are typically included.

Efficiency Questions

When implementing managed print services, you want to be sure you understand exactly how it will help your organization improve efficacy and reduce spending.

Upgraded processes and software can have a direct impact on cost savings. When it comes to print, that can be up to 3 percent of your business revenues. A comprehensive managed print services strategy, combined with optimal organization-wide printer placement, will improve your workflows, increase job efficiency, and improve the bottom line.

IT Questions

Managed print services often go hand-in-hand with managed IT services. And if IT is also a concern of yours, talk to your vendor about a comprehensive solution that focuses on your networked print devices as well as your entire network. Tech services are particularly clutch in small- and medium-sized businesses with limited staff who are often stretched thin.