IT Network Services: How to Handle New Software

update software

We've all heard that change is a good thing, but when it comes to software, most employees are resistant to anything new and unfamiliar--and they might have a point. After all, it takes time to learn new software, and if you don't handle it just right, your people could end up hating something you just spent time and money on. Don't let that happen; instead, try out these tips.

The Truth About Software

Although it might seem easier to stay with your old software until it's running on fumes, any IT or network expert will tell you that outdated software comes with plenty of problems. For example, even though old software is still "good enough" to get things done, it likely has security issues and lacks a lot of the efficiency updates that new software benefits from. All in all, it's never a good idea to hold onto old software for too long--but introducing change into your workplace doesn't have to be a hassle. In fact, with a little help from IT network services, it can be painless and efficient to upgrade.

Still wondering how your employees will take the news? Try these tips:

#1: Let them experiment.

Not everyone is going to benefit from learning in a classroom with an expert. Instead, let your employees experiment with the software, learning their own way.

#2: Explain the problem with support.

Although your employees might love the old software, what they won't love is hearing that, the older it gets, the less tech support it can receive. New software is much easier and faster to troubleshoot.

#3: Take it step-by-step.

Don't feel like you need to replace all your software at once--your budget and your employees will thank you. Instead, make a plan to replace one thing at a time to avoid high costs and workflow interruptions.

IT network services can help make software upgrades a breeze. Contact us today!