Key Xerox Printer Accessories for Peak Performance

person flipping through printed papers

Are you making the most out of your Xerox printer? Beyond the basic functionalities, there are numerous accessories designed to enhance the performance and versatility of your Xerox device. From improving paper handling to securing your print jobs, the right accessories can transform your Xerox printer into a powerhouse of productivity and efficiency. Let's explore some essential add-ons that every office should consider to fully leverage their Xerox printer's capabilities.

Paper Handling Upgrades

Enhancing your printer's paper handling capabilities is crucial for offices with high print volumes. Adding extra paper trays can significantly increase your printer’s capacity, reducing the frequency of paper refills and supporting different paper types simultaneously. This streamlines your printing process and accommodates larger print jobs without interruption, which is ideal for busy office environments.

For offices printing large volumes regularly, high-capacity feeders offer an invaluable upgrade, allowing you to load several hundred more sheets. This means less time managing paper supplies and more on your core activities, enhancing office productivity.

Output Solutions for Efficiency

Managing the way your prints are delivered can save time and enhance the professional appearance of your documents. Finishers are fantastic for high-demand environments, offering capabilities like stapling, hole-punching, and booklet making directly from the print output sequence. This automates the finishing process for print jobs, which not only speeds up task completion but also provides a professional touch to all your documents.

Advanced Security Modules

Security is a paramount concern in any business setting. With the secure print feature, documents are held in the print queue until a release code is entered at the device, ensuring that sensitive information remains confidential. This protects against unauthorized access to printed materials, crucial for maintaining privacy and compliance in industries handling sensitive information.

Additionally, encryption and overwrite kits encrypt the data stored on the printer’s hard drive and overwrite it after each task to prevent data retrieval, elevating your printer’s data security measures to protect against potential breaches.

Smart Connectivity Options

Expanding your printer’s connectivity can significantly enhance its accessibility and usability. Enabling wireless printing allows employees to print from laptops, tablets, and smartphones without direct connections to the printer. This facilitates mobility and flexible office layouts, supporting a modern, dynamic work environment.

Ready to Upgrade Your Xerox Experience?

At Hilyard's, we understand that optimizing your printing solutions involves more than just managing day-to-day print jobs. By equipping your Xerox printers with the right accessories, you can enhance functionality, increase efficiency, and bolster security throughout your organization.

Contact us today to find out how these Xerox printer accessories can revolutionize your document management system and help your business achieve its operational goals.