Managed IT Services: What Is Continuity Planning?

An IT worker holding a laptop.

If you're researching IT network services and managed IT services, you may have come across the term "continuity planning." Here's what that means--and why it's an important part of any business.

Continuity Planning and Managed IT Services

Many IT network services and managed IT services offer continuity planning as part of their overall package. But what does that mean? Let's take a closer look:

What Is Continuity Planning?

Continuity planning is an approach that helps you plan for the worst. That can sometimes refer to accidents and natural disasters, but these days, it's most often about cybersecurity attacks such as data breaches or malware. With continuity planning, you focus on three key things:

  • What the biggest risks are.
  • How to avoid, minimize, or overcome them.
  • What to do if an event does occur.

Why Do You Need Continuity Planning?

Continuity planning keeps your business running even when times are tough. It gives you the insight, information, and plans necessary to navigate tricky situations and minimize downtime or other damage. Essentially, continuity planning is an "emergency preparedness plan" for your business.

How Can Managed IT Services and IT Network Services Help?

Because so much of continuity planning relies on tech, this approach naturally falls under the managed IT umbrella. Your provider can help you with many continuity planning tasks, such as:

  • Identifying cybersecurity risks.
  • Implementing tools and solutions to protect your data.
  • Creating backups and redundancies.
  • Building step-by-step plans for worst-case scenarios.

Your provider will also help you test your continuity plan to make sure everyone knows exactly what to do. You can also update or refine different parts of your plan as you learn what works and what doesn't.


Continuity planning is all about keeping your business on its feet. Whether that means preparing for potential natural disasters or understanding what the latest cybersecurity threats look like, the goal is to keep you up and running no matter what.

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