Managed Print Equals Secure Print


Print security is already a big deal, as hacking printers for data theft is becoming a major issue for businesses.

Your business – big or small – can be impacted by print hacking, and it can be devastating. Major brands in a variety of industries were all impacted by a "practice hack" in a stunt last year to raise awareness of how widespread print hacking can be.

Prioritize Your Data

Data matters and your print security is the main protector of office and company data. Print hacking can impact your network by accessing your printer first and then spreading to connected devices.

Also, hacking can break your print hardware, cause supply and maintenance issues, ruin employee productivity, negatively impact client trust, and more.

How do you stay ahead of these issues? The answer is managed print - a print oversight service that includes enhanced print security.

Managed print services will do a vulnerability scan of your printers, check for issues and data loss, and regularly evaluate your equipment fleet to ensure your security is up to date.

Invest in Print Systems that Work

Print systems that work include managed print, reliable print fleets, and a multifunction printer with extensive security controls like password access and authentication.

Managed print services help you find print systems, software, and processes that protect your business while keeping productivity flowing. You want to use your equipment and technology, not be scared of it. Investing in managed print will boost your print security so that you can trust that your equipment is safe from outside hackers.

Security Comes First

Security is a significant priority in business today, and securing your print environment should be at the top of your list. Don't wait until it's too late - get in touch with Hilyard's Business Solutions today.