Managed Print in Health Care: What You Need to Know


Health Care practices are working to be more tech-savvy with communication, office equipment, and managed services. There are considerable savings in the services that can support offices. Still, the reality is that not enough healthcare practices are implementing services to make the patient experience better – that’s why so many patients are moving to online and digital forms of care.

If you want to retain your patient population and meet them where they are, managed print services are one of the first places to start. Reduce excessive paper waste, over-printing, mismanagement of print, and too many hard copies by investing in managed print services.

How Can Managed Print Services Help You?

Security and Communication

Starting with print security, managed print can address print issues, forgotten documents, compliance, and more. In addition, your communication practices will improve when instead of defaulting to printing off a bunch of papers to give a patient, your team considers other delivery options to fit with your print policies.

Flexibility and Savings

Managed print provides flexibility for the team with options like mobile print and password protected print. And the biggest difference from managed print services is the savings. Your office can save on paper, supplies, overprinting, waste, and forgotten papers. You’ll see significant savings immediately – especially in health care.

Health Care is Ready for Managed Print Services

It’s time to get health care moving into a less wasteful, more digital world. Managed print is the way to go because the service will cut back non-essential printing, enhance patient communications, and get your print environment under control. Let’s talk.