Managed Print Services: How to Scan Smarter

A young woman scanning papers on office scanning device.

Did you know scanning could be even smarter? Here are a few managed print services tips to help you make the most out of this already-effective solution!

Managed Print Services and Scanning

If you think managed print services is all about printing, think again. This solution juggles just about everything in your print environment, from supply orders and usage habits to scanning solutions and security options.

That's because managed print is a holistic approach. Print tasks don't happen in a vacuum, which means your print solutions need to take every detail into account if they're going to be effective. This is why a managed print services provider could be fixing a paper jam one minute and completely redesigning your scanning approach the next.

Simply put, scanning is part of your print environment, which means it's part of managed print services.

Scanning Tips From Managed Print Services

So, how does managed print services help you step up your scanning game and get more bang for your buck? Let's find out:

Identifying Priorities

If you try to scan everything all at once, you're wasting time and money. Managed print services can help you look critically at your workflows to determine which documents are mission-critical and thus need to be scanned first.

Creating Plans

When scanning, it's important to know what to do before, during, and after the task. Luckily, managed print services can help. By structuring the scanning process with insights specific to your priorities and print environment, your provider can help you avoid pitfalls, mistakes, and frustration every step of the way.

Simplifying Processes

Scanning isn't always easy. Managed print services providers know how to step back and look critically at the situation, identifying inefficiencies and extra steps. That way, you'll know which tasks lead to which outcomes--and, therefore, how to simplify workflows for yourself and your teams.

In conclusion, managed print services is the secret to scanning smarter--and while these tips can help you right away, they're best utilized with a provider as your partner.

Ready to start scanning smarter? Contact us today to get started with managed print services!