A Manager's FAQ on Managed IT Services


Considering managed IT is an important move for your office, and it is a big shift. However, with cybersecurity issues impacting any size and type of business, it's becoming a more urgent issue than ever before.

IT services provide a proactive, off-site approach to your major IT issues like security, software updates, protections, and vulnerability evaluations. Working in combination with your on-site help desk, managed IT services will keep your business ahead of cyber issues, tech advancements, and other potential risks that could impact your business.

Need to Know

What you need to know:

  • Managed IT services outsources your computers, network, and support (and help desk support if you'd like) to a skilled vendor.
  • You'll have 24/7 monitoring, reviews, and alerts.
  • Managed IT has a simplified pricing structure that works for you.
  • In a nutshell, the service employs committed professionals to oversee your IT needs at all hours, to keep your business running behind the scenes.

Get All the Info

Intrigued but still have questions? Contact your vendor at Hilyard's Business Solutions for specifics related to your business. Here are some additional benefits to making the move to managed IT.

  • Your business will save money by consolidating efforts to the experts.
  • Prioritize issues as you see fit.
  • Invest in your IT infrastructure.
  • Save your employees' time and fix issues before they arise.
  • Stay aware of risks and vulnerabilities so you can address them as needed.
  • Consolidate your IT needs.

Talk to the Pros

Hilyard's Business Solutions knows what you need to succeed in IT - and managed IT Services is a big part of the picture. Ready to get the best IT answers, service, and security? Work with us today.