The Real Value of Managed Print Services

You've likely heard of managed print services and what it can do for businesses like yours--but do you know the real extent of that value? Let's take a closer look!

Understanding Managed Print Services

When it comes to managed print services, you might expect to hear that your company simply can't survive without this solution. The reality, however, is a little more complicated.

You can survive without managed print. Many companies do. The problem is that you're missing out on value, simplicity, and a whole lot of efficiency without even realizing it. When a business assumes that printing "isn't that big a deal" or that they can "get by," they're selling themselves short; after all, your print environment can be either an advantage or a weakness--and it all comes down to how to handle it.

Managed print services give you the opportunity to handle it the right way.

Biggest Benefits of Managed Print Services

The real value of managed print services is in its ability to create benefits out of situations that might otherwise be detrimental. Here are just a few examples:

Fleet Consolidation

Fleet consolidation might seem like "cutting corners" to protect your budget--but not with managed print. This solution helps identify which machines are most useful to your workflows and why, and then it enables you to focus on those devices while upgrading or eliminating those that don't directly address your needs.

Security Improvements

It's easy to see security as added complexity, especially when everyday tasks can't be completed without jumping through hoops. Fortunately, managed print services has a different approach. You'll work with your provider to analyze vulnerabilities and implement tools, processes, and habits that improve security without sacrificing efficiency.

Environmental Sustainability

For many businesses, "going green" may feel like a significant cost. Managed print services helps find green approaches that are just as good for you as they are for the environment--for example, print habits that eliminate waste while protecting your paper and ink budget.

In conclusion, you might be able to live without managed print--but why would you want to?

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