Simplify Your Office With Electronic Forms

Electronic forms, Document Management

Have you ever entered a place of business to request a service and found yourself filling out the same forms you filled out the last time you were there? You know that info is already on file somewhere, and yet the company is strictly sticking to paper documents and don't want to dig up your information from the last time. This has you filling out all the same information time and again. Nobody is a fan of processes like these.

Then there is the other side of the coin. You walk into a place of business to request a service, and they hand you a tablet with pre-filled info based on your previous visit and just ask you to fill out a couple of things for confidentiality reasons. Now this process is what we all prefer.

As a company, you want to give your customers or clients the best and easiest experience that you possibly can. One of the best ways to do this is by streamlining data processes through electronic forms and document management software. The ease of the process far exceeds that of using paper forms over and over. By utilizing web forms, you simplify data entry and capture information for quick processing and use.

Two Office Processes Simplified With Electronic Forms

  1. Employee Onboarding: Every Human Resources department seems to live for paperwork, and every potential or paid employee dealing with the Human Resources department dreads it. With electronic forms, as the application and supplemental documents are being filled out, other required form fields are repopulated with the data to eliminate extra work and/or errors. This also streamlines future form entries as the same information is repopulated in other forms that are submitted.

  2. Patient Registration: Nobody enjoys filling out all the medical forms that come with a visit to a medical professional. The convenient thing with electronic forms is that (if preferable) the patient or guardian of the patient can fill out the forms from home, and all that's left is showing up for the appointment and maybe signing a couple of things later. At Hilyard's, we use software that is in accordance with ESIGN regulations, which ensures compliance and peace of mind for you.

There are many benefits of electronic forms and document management that you have yet to discover. For more information or to talk wth a Hilyard's representative about your options, contact us today!


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