Streamlining Document Security with Xerox Workflow Central's Redact App

close up of printed document with parts redacted

Tired of spending hours manually redacting sensitive information from documents? Xerox Workflow Central's automatic redaction feature is here to transform your document management. In this blog post, we'll explore how Xerox Workflow Central's automatic redaction can save you time, enhance security, and boost productivity.

Effortless Redaction

To get started with automatic redaction using Xerox Workflow Central, you first define what you need to redact. Many organizations deal with Personally Identifiable Information (PII), such as phone numbers and addresses. Xerox Workflow Central simplifies this process by offering regional presets for common forms of PII, reducing setup time.

Customization is key, too. You can create settings for specific words or phrases that require redaction, such as project names or unreleased product names. For added security, apply a password to the document, ensuring only authorized users can access it. If needed, you can encrypt the document during digital transfer.

Once configured, Xerox Workflow Central's advanced AI-driven technology takes the reins, automating the redaction process. Documents can be instantly printed, saved, or securely shared, all while maintaining top-notch security.

Is Xerox Workflow Central Right for You?

Xerox Workflow Central is more than just automatic redaction. Think of it as your virtual document management assistant. It streamlines document sharing, editing, and retrieval, making teamwork a breeze. Beyond redaction, this platform offers powerful features like text-to-audio conversion and seamless document translation, making it a game-changer for businesses drowning in paperwork.

Who Benefits from the Redact App?

The Redact App within Xerox Workflow Central is a game-changer for various industries:

  1. Medical and Legal Practices: Safeguarding sensitive client information is critical. The Redact App ensures swift and secure redaction of PII from digital documents, saving time and ensuring compliance.
  2. Education: Educational professionals handling student data can use the Redact App to protect minors' PII efficiently. This feature allows educators to focus on core tasks like lesson planning.
  3. Businesses Requiring Digital Document Security: Every business must protect vital employee information, making the Redact App a valuable asset for enhancing digital security.

Automate Your Workflow with Xerox Workflow Central

Beyond automatic redaction, Xerox Workflow Central offers a myriad of productivity-enhancing apps. It's a subscription-based platform, providing 24/7 cloud connectivity for transforming documents across various formats. Whether you're working from a Xerox multifunction printer, mobile device, or computer, Workflow Central caters to your convenience.

Make your workflows more efficient, secure your documents, and save valuable time with the Redact App in Xerox Workflow Central. Discover the power of automation and ensure compliance with ease.

Ready to embrace streamlined document management? Contact us today to learn more about Xerox products and how Xerox Workflow Central can elevate your document processing game.